Fields of Activity

Our field of activity includes following areas

– Civil Engineering Buildings and Structures
– Petroleum Industry
– Natural Gas Industry
– Petrochemical Industry
– Chemical Industry
– Power Generating Industry

Civil Engineering Buildings and Structures :

For civil engineering buildings and structures like hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, administration buildings, and apartment complexes we do design and installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Petroleum Industry :

Our activities in petroleum industry include all the activities from conceptual design to commissioning and start-up of facilities from well head to refining and product distribution. We can summarize our areas of concern as follows :

– Petroleum Production & Drilling Platforms
– All Surface Facilities of Petroleum Production Including :

+ Wellhead Piping
+ Flow Lines
+ Manifolds
+ Production Separators
+ Test Separators
+ Pump Station
+ Trunk Lines
+ Blowdown and Flare Systems

– Atmospheric Storage Tanks
– Heaters and Desalters
– Petroleum and Petroleum Products Loading and Unloading


– Petroleum Rafineries Process and Utility Units
– Crude Oil Pipelines and Pump Stations

Naturals Gas Industry :

Our involvement in natural gas and LNG storage, transfer, and distribution systems include EPC services for the facilities below :

– LNG Unloading Terminals
– Natural Gas Pipelines
– Pig Launching, Receiving and Line Block Valve Stations
– Pressure Reducing and Metering


– Compressor Stations

We are one of the few engineering and construction companies who are authorized by BOTAŞ ( Government owned natural gas pipeline operating company ) in designing and installation of natural gas supply facilities to industrial users.

Petrochemical Industry :

We provide the following services for the petrochemical industries :

– All Services such as Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Construction,Commissioning and Start Up of Licenced Units

– All kinds of Utility Production Units such as Power Generation,Steam, Cooling Water, Instrument and Service Air.
– Products and Raw Material Loading and Unloading Facilities
– Raw Material, Products and Intermediate Product Storage Facilities
– Offsite Facilities like Blowdown and Flare Systems
– Waste and Industrial Water Treatment

Chemical Industry :

Our field of activity in chemical industry includes such process industries as pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, cement and paper production. In these industries we are involved in basic processes such as crashing, screening, transfer, flotation, filtering, settling and extraction.

Besides these basic processes we also give EPC services for such units as:

– Utility Production Units Such as Power Generation , Steam, Cooling Water, Service and Instrument Air.
– Waste Water Treatment
– Gas, Liquid, and Solid Waste Disposal

Power Generation Industry :

Our field of activity in power generating industry includes thermal power plants running on fuels like coal, fuel oil, diesel, naphta and natural gas. We provide EPC services for power plants as a whole or as units given below :

– Boiler Feed Water Treatment
– Steam Boilers
– Steam Turbine Generators
– Gas Turbine Generators
– Equipment for Combined Cycle
– Water and Air Cooling / Condensing Systems
– Fuel Preparation and Storage Systems